Privacy Policy

Horizon Trust Company Privacy Policy Updated June 4, 2015

Horizon Trust do not sell, trade or otherwise share your personal information with any outside companies except as authorized by law, or as authorized by the written consent of our clients.

This notice shall serve as official disclosure, in compliance with Federal law, that personal information is collected by Horizon Trust during the execution of business transactions to establish and service client accounts. This information is only utilized internally and is not shared with outside parties (unless requested in writing by the clients) and only for the purposes of servicing client accounts. This includes, but is not limited to: processing transactions, processing investments, account maintenance, bill pay, account open and closure, issue research, IRS reporting and responding to court orders or legal investigations. This information can include social security numbers, account transactions, account balances, payment history, investments and assets held.

Horizon Trust may also use your personal information to contact you, the account owner, for business service requests and marketing purposes. Horizon Trust is a privately owned company with no affiliates. We do not release personal information to any non-affiliate companies or persons, except as authorized by law, or as authorized by the written consent of our clients. If you do receive something from a company claiming to be an affiliate of Horizon Trust, then please contact us immediately.

In order to protect your personal information from unauthorized use, we use certain security measures that comply with federal law. These measures include computer safeguards, secured files, employee disclosure agreements and secured buildings. Horizon Trustís company policy specifically states that all information is confidential and is not to be released to any party other than our clients, unless we have written consent from a client to release such information to a 3rd party.

Thank you.

The Horizon Trust Team